Customized Handmade Crystal Jewellery Gifts


Question: Are all items of jewellery handmade?

Answer: Yes, each item is handmade by me, I design each piece individually.

Question: Are all items shipped immediately for Free?

Answer: Yes, we ship with next day service, FREE.

Question: Do you ship more than one item Free?

Answer: Yes, we ship as many items as you require worldwide FREE.

Question: Can I order a particular colour? 

Answer: Yes, just use our contact us page and let me know the colour you require.

Question: Can I choose the length of my necklace?

Answer: Yes, just let me know the size you wish, there is no extra charge for this service.

Question: Is the picture on your home page the gift pack I recieve when ordering my jewellery set?

Answer: Yes, you will recieve a velvet or organza pouch bag, a gift bag the same or similar to the one you see on our home page when you purchase a jewellery set.


Question: What do I recieve when I buy a pair of earrings?

Answer: You will recieve your pair of earrings in a silver satin gift bag....just like     so......